Writing an abstract for your sample PhD dissertation research writing

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Thesis Chapter 1 writing an abstract: How do you write an abstract for your sample PhD dissertation writing

How to write an abstract? Is it really that difficult? Are you going to create an abstract before starting the essay or after completing the essay?

Writing an effective abstract is important. The abstract of your thesis functions to maintain the interest and attention of your readers. The abstract is a concise description of your thesis that details the motivation behind the research, the problem statement, the research methods used, a part discussion of the results, and then a bit of the conclusion.

It is critical that you can complete the required information for the abstract within the word count range of 150 to 200 words. The most widely accessed part of any research paper is the abstract because it provides a brief straight forward summary of the main theme of your research. In manuscript acceptance, the abstract is the most considered factor that could make publishers accept your paper.

The abstract should meet the following criteria to produce a good quality intellectual sounding research paper impression to the readers

  • Content
  • Flow of ideas
  • Relevance to the main body of the research
  • Easy to understand purpose and problem of the research

Types of abstract

You can have a descriptive abstract or an informative abstract. The two may differ in terms of appeal to the readers. It is in the appeal of the abstract that a reader may decide to continue or leave the whole document.

A descriptive abstract provides a background of the research such as a brief explanation of the whole document’s content but not necessarily including the conclusion. This is usually written around 100 to 200 words.

An informative abstract provide the scope, introduction, research methods, materials, results, and the perspective of the research. This is usually written around 250 to 300 words.

What is a good abstract?

A good abstract is coherent, provide logical connections, create effective transitions, and easy to understand. It provides a good summary of the whole document.

Why are some abstract being rejected?

The length of the abstract is important. It provides a concise overview of your whole document that is also searchable within the database of the search engines. This helps the reader decide if your work is worth the time spent for reading. It is important that you write your abstract in maximum of 250 word count.

The abstract may have too many details that sounds like the whole document itself. Provide maximum information in the least number of words. Do not put unnecessary information in your abstract. If you want to discuss, discuss them on the right section. Do not include the following in your abstract

  • Extensive description of the results of the research or experiment
  • Statistical data
  • Elaborate description of your research methods and materials
  • Do not write any information that might not be taken up during the research
  • Do not abbreviate language or words in the abstract

When do you write an abstract?

Write the abstract after you completed the paper. However, you can write short notes for the abstract while the work is in progress. This makes writing the abstract easier.

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