Sample research article writing on sustainable leadership: Man and environment, do you love pain?

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Man, do you love pain??

I have been wondering and asking myself how to make people care for the environment. I can’t think of anything else but ask this negative question. Man and environment, do you love pain? Definitely nobody would want to live with pain even myself who finds it hard to sleep at night with my chronic back pain won’t welcome another pain in my life. This question is for people who kept on justifying and rationalizing bad habits. People die but they don’t want to live in pain. Nobody would want to live in pain. So we are calling on you, please don’t be the cause of our pain.

Here is a word to word excerpt from what I read in CNN before: (This is quite a thought for research article writing on sustainable leadership)

Greenland’s ice sheet melted nearly 19 billion tons more than the previous high mark, and the volume of Arctic sea ice at summer’s end was half what it was just four years earlier, according to new NASA satellite data obtained by The Associated Press. It is the burning of coal, oil and other fossil fuels that produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which is responsible for man-made global warming. For the past days, government diplomats have been debating in Bali, Indonesia about the outlines of a new climate treaty calling for tougher limits on the production of these gases. What happens in the Arctic has implications for the rest of the world. Faster melting there means eventual sea level rise and more immediate changes in winter weather because of less sea ice.

In the United States, a weakened Arctic blast moving south to collide with moist air from the Gulf of Mexico could mean less rain and snow in some areas including the drought-stricken Southeast, said Michael MacCracken, a former federal climate scientist who now heads the nonprofit Climate Institute. Some regions, like Colorado, would likely get extra rain or snow.

Here are scary predictions and situations that might help you take care of your environment

The UN in 2005 made a forecast that the climate change would produce about 50 million environmental refugees by the end of the decade. In October 12, 2005 the Birtish Guardian reported that the rising sea levels and shrinking supplies of freshwater would create at least 50 million environmental refugees across the world.

What is global warming?

Global warming is the outcome or measure of the warming effect that arises from the emission of greenhouse gas. The simplest definition for global warming is the continuous increase of the temperature of the earth.

Greenhouse gas

The atmosphere of the earth is composed of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. About 1% is greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, and nitrous oxide. The atmosphere trapped the heat generated by the greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are crucial to the survival of the humans and other living things on this planet. Without the greenhouse gases, the atmosphere would be too cold to endure and survive.

What am I driving?

Human activity has increased the greenhouse gases most especially carbon dioxide, which triggered global warming. The main cause is the burning of petroleum, natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels.

Where do we get this?

They are used by most power plants generating electricity or power. Homes used natural gas for heating. Cars and trucks used petroleum for gasoline. Burning forest and other harmful practices are other factors.

How do we solve this?

Sustainable leadership and sustainable business processes are the only way to solve this problem. Awareness and care for the environment and life of humanity. We need more dissertation research writing on greenhouses and sustainable leadership.

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