Sample PhD dissertation Chapter 1 Introduction Subsection

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The thesis or sample PhD dissertation research writing discussion revolves around an idea that you think is worth the time for research and intelligent discussion. It is the ultimate approach to prove an idea that you could accurately support with evidences, statistical data, and other phenomena. The construction of the introduction reflects the main research questions and the summary of larger meaningful issues and puzzles. This provides the introduction to the problem and normally answers the following

  • What is the problem in theory and in practice?
  • Whose problem is it?
  • What is the thesis statement of this research?
  • What are the supporting points that outline the problem?

The introduction provides the topic statement. Sometimes, a quotation or anecdote is included along with some facts to make the first part interesting and convincing enough to make the readers continue reading the paper. Dump the frills, write in a straightforward manner, and do not waste time expanding topics because that is just the introduction. Orient the readers about the main topic of your research immediately. The introduction should be written in a way that you create the right pacing, flow, and selection of ideas to drive attention as well as focus on your problem. The introduction needs to contain the general problem that sounds like a recap of the issues being raised in Chapter 1. The introduction should connect seamlessly to the next subsection of the chapter. This means that you need to make a good research and extended reading about your topic before starting to write each subsections.

The technique in drawing out attention and interest to your problem and topic is to include a little hook when you start the introduction. A hook is a statement that is motivating enough for the readers to choose reading your paper further. The introduction should provide sufficient information that would make the reader understand what you are trying to make them see or drive at the research. You may want to cite related or relevant studies in this part in order to explain clearly the scope of your work. The introduction of your thesis is the first stage or serves as a jumpstart on your topic discussion. This is your organized or highly structured point of conversation that provides a glimpse of the body of your research paper. There is no required word count for introduction. Usually, your instructor will provide you the word count for each chapter, which you will divide and maintain throughout the subsections of each chapter. It is crucial that you frame the discussion to provide concise straightforward appropriate historical backdrop of your topic and problem.

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