Sample PhD Dissertation Chapter 1 Background of the Study

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In the sample PhD dissertation research writing Background of the Study, you present a detailed concise overview why your topic is currently of interest to your readers and community. Briefly lay out the groundwork of what has been done in the area by citing past studies focused on the area of research interest and why the research is important in terms of theoretical, social, or practical concern.

In this subsection, you may want to answer the following

  • What key literatures inform the problem?
  • What is the status of the problem in literature?
  • What is known and what is unknown about the problem?

These questions should be fully developed in your Thesis Chapter 2 Review of Literature. Background of the Study identifies the wider issues underlying the research problem and question. This is called as a brief synopsis of the literature review, which as I said, you need to fully developed in your Essay Chapter 2 Review of Literature. This section talks about the problem itself and the theoretical framework you have chosen to evaluate the problem. This also specifies any eventual data that you had obtained relating to it. The short outline could very well look like this

  • Rationale
  • Significance
  • Need for the study
  • Theoretical or conceptual framework

This section should present the context of your study that clearly states the special factors at work, which might influence the execution as well as the conceptualization of the study. Normally, the Background of the Study takes up to 1,500 words or about 5 to 6 pages largely depending on the nature of your study. Your writing style and approach also affects the length of the Background of the Study.

In the dissertation research writing Background of the Study, you may present the developments or any changes in the society that made the problem important for research. You may want to demonstrate a sequence of events based on the three components of the situation, the problem, and the solution. The Background of the Problem may relate or cite any educational trends that were associated or linked to the problem such as social concerns or unresolved issues. This provides a clear and concise statement regarding the need for research.

In this subsection, the student is given the opportunity to convince the audience that the problem is a major concern and is important to research. The Background of the Problem provides an in-depth rationale about the importance of the issue and the research. The student here shares the perspectives on the importance of performing and continuing with the study. You may want to answer these questions for your guide

  • What is the identified research problem?
  • Why is there a need to do the study about the identified research problem?
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