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Dissertation research writing exploring the power of prayer and how humans perceive prayer

Prayer is the most powerful tool man can use to achieve a better life. Better life does not automatically mean enormous wealth or abundance. Better life would mean peace, love, health, and being sufficient. Prayer mysteriously connects us to God in a quiet conversation and unites us with other human beings regardless of age, culture, and race. Human beings by nature seeks connection, search for life’s meaning, yearn for fulfillment and try to achieve one’s purpose. As one goes through life’s challenges, a part of his self sometimes is stuck in heartbreaking brokenness. Anxiety, depression, health, relationships, and finances become a mix of unwelcome factors that would make one lose self-esteem and the desire to live life fully.
Our souls are totally devoid of life if we cannot find the meaning of our existence. I do have head knowledge about God but lacks the faith experience to confirm existence. Every time I have a problem, I go to the church to cry and pray. I always listen to praise and worship songs where the lyrics came from bible excerpts for inspiration. Meditation is the only way I know to combat stress and energize my body. I believe that God gives but God also takes. He alone knows your heart fully and he alone is able to send the most appropriate response to any backbreaking life challenges.

Prayer is more effective if you pray selflessly and demonstrate total confidence. The basic technique to preventing yourself from getting depress and off-track with your life direction is to reserve a special place for God in your heart and life. Let God’s power grow from within and you will soon realize that your problems and all other hammering personal issues will be resolved as you go forward with your life in prayer. Prayer and meditation promotes health, gives comfort, and help you keep your sanity. I often stand in front of the big crucifix at the church, touch the feet of Jesus, and pray.

Meditation and prayers are more intense when you are undergoing trials in life. Meditation allows you to spend your own moments each day simply relaxing and trying to commune with God. Meditation when mix with prayer is very effective for your physical and mental health. There are many positions and methods you can follow to engage yourself in perfect state of meditation. I chose the best position and place that I will feel most comfortable. I would lie down in bed or sit cross-legged with eyes close then start praying the rosary.

Humility is important to achieving the sense of nothingness. Nothingness can be overwhelming at times because this is the only way to reach your inner self and to connect fully with God. This is one technique I am aware that would help calm the nervous system and prevents stress. This is the very reason I always turn to prayer and meditation whenever I have problems regardless of how small or big. Any individual in need of silence can resort to meditation to let go of self (Ryan 14). Letting go of one’s self would mean providing more space for God to dwell in us. As one meditates, one feels lighten, enlightened, optimistic, more humble, and loving.

Prayer and meditation produces change in behavior and change in outlook in life, which also leads to change of life’s events. Prayer and meditation releases fear, promotes dependence on God, creates self-confidence, and reduces any outcome attachment (Kynes 3). I noticed the change in me. Although we cannot deny fear and anxiety at times of trouble, I have never taken any pills to conquer it. Prayer is great and meditation is very effective in calming down your stress levels. I am confident that if prayer and meditation will be integrated to counseling, there will be more positive outcomes using this method.

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