Essay Writers Survival Tips for Wrong Dissertation Research Writing Projects Taken

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People taking assignments for dissertation research writing, called as essay writers, sometimes make mistakes in taking projects. Please understand that missing a phrase or skimming through the instruction of the client without understanding could turn out to be a disaster. Accidentally clicking a project rarely happens but still happens occasionally. Essay writers make common human errors that could cost dollars largely depending on the policiy of the academic writing company. The opportunity cost for essay writers is the penalty that the company would impose depending on the allowed number of hours. Losing a client is never a problem. Other essay writers are still able to take the project depending on their availability and the project’s deadline.

There are two options left for essay writers who found they had taken the wrong project. First, is to send the project back to the available orders section and second, is to write the project. If the writing company does not impose any penalty, then it would be wiser to return the project to the available orders section. However, if the penalty is too high, writing the project is the most viable solution now.

Dealing with wrong projects

Essay writers do not need to make excuses to justify sending a crappy writing output. The idea of sending a crappy writing will make the client more irritated or annoyed. Follow the survival tips below when dealing with wrong projects:

• Read the project instructions again. Essay writers may highlight important points and go back to them after reading the whole document. This is one way to eliminate important details from the less important items.
• Search unfamiliar words and know its definition. Connect it with the context of the project and know its relevance.
• Browse for available reliable resources and take a good grasp of the topic. It might take 3 or 4 simply written journals or articles to take a good understanding about the topic. The best way for scientific writers to grasp the research journal content quickly is to read the abstract and the introduction of the peer reviewed journal. The abstract usually gives a good viewpoint about the whole research project.
• Browse for available statistical data. One factor that causes failure in writing is the unavailability of statistical data to complete data analysis and conclusion especially if the client requires a graph or tabulated data.
• Create an outline. Highlight the important details and the things that you need to write in each section. This could be very elementary for scientific writers but when confidence is low and the need exists to control irritation, taking elementary steps to guide the writing is advisable.
• Start writing the project at your own pace. Do not panic. An essay writer needs to be confident and focus in presenting the ideas of the project.

Writing the research methodology

The most difficult part in writing an essay is writing the research methodology of the wrong project. There is nothing wrong if the scientific writer coordinates with the client. Ideally, the scientific writer should coordinate with the client when taking difficult projects that require graph, mathematical equations, tabulated data, and intensive analysis. The client would at times offers resources that they want to include in the project. Communicate the writing difficulties and make better suggestions to complete the methodology. Follow the steps below to write your research methodology:

• Decide if the project requires a qualitative, quantitative, or mix qualitative-quantitative research method.
• Decide if the project requires a large sample population or a small sample population.
• Create the criteria for the selection of participants.
• Know the tools the project needs for measurement such as survey questionnaire.
• Write the survey questionnaire. Make the questionnaire consistent with the research questions, statement of the problem, hypothesis, and purpose of the study.

Social research may require a longitudinal research method or the archived data collection type of research method. As long as you know the proper steps in achieving the goals of the project, then you are safe and are able to complete writing the project. The most important thing a scientific writer should have regardless of the project is focus and confidence in analysis.

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